About Project:


Field of Application
These safety transfer devices have been developed for convenient and safe transfer of injectable drugs, dissolved powders or lyophilisates from vials to standard luer or luer-lock syringes.

Vial Transfer Device
MEDMIX developed safety vial transfer devices for standard vials with 13 mm and 20 mm neck diameters (ISO 8362-1 and USP).

Transfer Device VA 13-70M for Vials:

Description  Size     A      B     C
2R  2ml  16mm  35mm  13mm
4R  4ml  16mm  45mm  13mm


Transfer Device VA 20-70M for Vials:

Description  Size      A      B      C
6R  6ml  22mm  40mm  20mm
8R  8ml  22mm  45mm  20mm
10R  10ml  24mm  45mm  20mm
15R  15ml  24mm  60mm  20mm


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Pre-Assembling the Vial
After filling, the vial is closed by a rubber stopper and an aluminium crimp seal. No flip-off top is required. After closing, the vial is assembled into the “pre-set” position of the transfer device. In the “pre-set” position the vial is protected against piercing and disassembling during transport and handling.

“Needle-Less” Transfer Operation
The pre-assembled vial transfer device is connected to the syringe. Opening the vial is done by pressing the vial from the “pre-set” position into the “transfer” position, thus piercing the rubber stopper. After filling the syringe, the transfer device is disconnected.

Safety Transfer Device
Due to the fully enclosed and safe transfer operation “needle-stick” injuries are prevented.