About Project:


Field of Application

The Double Cartridge Prefilled Delivery System is designed to handle medium and highly viscous two-component biomaterials such as bone cement pastes and wound treatment gels. MEDMIX offers a range of different volumes for 1:1 applications.

Features and benefits

Separate compartments and outletsThe complete separation improves the storage stability of the prefilled systems and helps prevent cross-contamination during handling.
Ergonomic handlingExcellent and intuitive handling with our single-hand dispensing gun; precise dosing; accurate and reproducible mixing results.
MixersA highly efficient 1:1 mixer allows consistent mixing of biomaterials during application.
Full biocompatibilityPremium medical grade resins compliant with USP VI requirements. All products are manufactured and packed under controlled ISO 8 cleanroom (comparable to U.S. Class M 6.5 or Class 100,000).
Support for your approval procedure included in our service MEDMIX products undergo full process validation and we support your approval process with adequate documentation and information.


Available sizes:                   16ml / 50ml / 75ml

Interfaces:                            Proprietary Medmix Interface / Tips with Luer Interface

Sterilization:                         Gamma / ETO

Production environment:      ISO 8

Material grade:                     USP VI