About Project:


Field of Application

The Twin Syringe Biomaterial Delivery System is a versatile liquid application system for multi-component biomaterials specifically for tissue treatment, wound healing, PRP or stem cell preparation. Through the use of specific standard single syringes, great process flexibility is ensured in a variety of applications.

Features and benefits

Modular setupApplication system allows syringe and biomaterial to be handled separately prior to application.
Convenient filling volumesSyringe holders for a selection of standard single syringes from 1ml to 12ml.
Configurable to your type of deliveryMultiple types of interfaces available to take advantage of standard Luer applicators and other MEDMIX products such as static mixers, cannulas, spreaders and spray nozzles.
Full biocompatibilityPremium medical grade resins compliant with USP VI requirements. All products are manufactured and packed under controlled ISO 8 cleanroom (comparable to U.S. Class M 6.5 or Class 100,000).
Support for your approval procedure included in our service MEDMIX products undergo full process validation and we support your approval process with adequate documentation and information.


Available sizes:                     1:1 (1ml, 3ml, 5ml) / 4:1 (3ml + 10ml) / 11:1 (1ml + 12ml)

Interfaces:                             Male Luer / L-System

Sterilization:                          Gamma / ETO

Production environment:       ISO 8

Material grade:                      USP VI