Our business is to use and continually expand our know-how and experience for the benefit of our customers.

We work with qualified professionals, technicians and engineers.

We are committed on a long term basis to securing the availability of well trained young professionals. We take responsibility for young people and train apprentices in administration and in technical areas.


  • Global leader in know-how for multi-component mixing- and application-systems for medical use


  • Knowledge of market trends
  • Protect intellectual property rights (IPR)
  • Ensure business long-term by profitability
  • Motivate by SAGE: set a good example
  • Manage by objectives
  • thical business principles, comply with laws and standars
  • Continous improvement of our services and products


  • Top customer expectations by competence, efficiency and sympathy
  • Professional through
  • Convincing and respectful behavior

Basic and Support

  • Powerful and reliable tools


  • Convincing simple products concepts
  • Safe products for users and patients
  • Controlled processes lead to target and success
  • Innovative, powerful and efficient solutions
  • Comprehensive services