Scope of application
This system is used first and foremost in the application of pastes and highly viscous single-component materials such as bone graft or putty.

System for applications using pre-filled cartridges
After being pre-filled with the biomaterial in question, the cartridges are securely sealed with screwed caps. The biomaterial can then be applied with one hand using the dispenser, and even highly viscous pastes delivered with the greatest of ease, in a controlled and precise manner. The procedures involved in assembling the dispenser and applying biomaterials are straightforward, intuitive and safe.

Sizes and configurations
The cartridges come in two different sizes, 2.5 ml and 5 ml. The 2.5 ml cartridges are 100 mm in length, and the 5 ml cartridges 185 mm. Both sizes have an internal diameter of 6 mm, and an external diameter of 8 mm. A kit will consist of one or more pre-filled cartridges, as well as the relevant dispenser. Either a delivery gun or a plunger can be used to dispense the biomaterial.

Preparation and application
The delivery gun is made out of three separate parts. These may be assembled in the kit already; if not, you may need to put them together prior to application. To assemble the gun, the plunger should be inserted on the front side of the gun, after which the adapter is inserted.

For the application, the cartridge is opened by unscrewing the cap, then screwed onto the adapter of the delivery gun.
The biomaterial can then be applied.

Cartridge and cap
The cartridges are supplied by MEDMIX unfilled and packaged in bulk. The handles at one end mean a plunger can be used to deliver the biomaterial as with a syringe. The threads at the ends of the cartridges are for sealing with the caps, and mounting parts on the delivery gun. The cartridge can be sealed tightly with the caps fitting the cartridge.

Delivery gun
The delivery gun is supplied in three parts – the gun itself, the plunger and the adapter. The gun is packaged individually, while the plungers and adapters come in bulk. The option also exists to order the plunger equipped with an O-Ring, in order to create a seal in the cartridge.

Manual plunger
The plunger can be used for biomaterials requiring relatively little force to deliver. This also means the costs of the application system can be reduced significantly. The option also exists to order the plunger equipped with an O-Ring, in order to create a seal in the cartridge.