Field of Application
These safety transfer devices have been developed for convenient and safe transfer of injectable drugs or other liquids from ampoules to standard luer or luer-lock syringes.

Ampoule Transfer Device
MEDMIX developed two different models of ampoule transfer devices for standard ampoules.

Ampoule Body Diameter:
Type 5 14.75 mm for 5 ml ampoules

Pre-Assembling the Ampoule

The ampoule is assembled into the transfer device and held in place by a closure cap where it is protected against breakage during transport and handling.

Transfer Operation Type 5
The pre-assembled ampoule transfer device is connected to the syringe. The ampoule is opened by pressing the button. After filling the syringe, the transfer device is disconnected.

Safety Transfer Device
Due to the fully enclosed transfer operation injuries are prevented.