Field of Application
The main applications for this system are the preparation of calcium phosphate bone-cements as well as paste and gels.

Double-Syringe with Mixing Device
MEDMIX offers a single-body double-syringe with a valve and a mixing device which allows the pre-filled storage of two components. This integrated and user-friendly system provides for a simple mixing method with minimal risk of contamination.

Syringe Volume: 10 ml (Mixed material)

Preparation and Mixing Operation
Component A (mainly a powder) as well as component B (a liquid) are prefilled. The transfer of the liquid into the powder chamber is achieved by turning the selector ring of the valve clockwise from the “closed” to the “transfer” position and pushing the plunger of the liquid chamber. The mixing operation is carried out by moving the mixing device back and forth while simultaneously rotating. After mixing the biomaterial, the plunger is removed from the liquid chamber and attached to the shaft of the mixing device. The residual air is removed by slowly pushing the plunger forward. The mixed material is ready to be dispensed.

Dispensing the Mixed Biomaterial
To dispense, the selector ring of the valve is turned clockwise to the “inject” position. After attaching the plunger to the shaft of the mixing device, the mixed biomaterial is dispensed and applied with minimal waste directly to the bone via luer outlet or cannula.

Luer-Lock Cannula
For precise placement of mixed biomaterial, attach- able luer-lock cannulas are available.

For the controlled application of high viscosity bio- material, a dispenser is available. After breaking off the shaft of the mixing device at a defined position, the syringe can be attached to the dispenser.