MEDMIX offers different cannulas for various applications.

Cannulas with tapered tip and 16 mixing elements:
LCM 050-2.5-3.5-00M-01  50 mm
LCM 100-2.5-3.5-00M-01 100 mm

Cannulas with tapered tip:
LC 050-2.5-3.5-00M-01  50 mm
LC 100-2.5-3.5-00M-01 100 mm

Cannulas with straight tip:
LC 100-2.5-3.5-00M-02 100 mm
LC 100-3.2-4.3-00M 100 mm
LC 150-2.5-3.5-00M 150 mm
LC 150-3.2-4.3-00M 150 mm
LC 300-2.5-3.5-00M 300 mm
LC 300-2.5-3.5-00M-01 300 mm
LC 300-3.2-4.3-00M 300 mm
LC 300-3.2-4.3-00M-01 300 mm
LC 300-4.0-4.8-00M 300mm

Bent Cannula:
LC 040-2.5-3.5-00M-01  33.6 mm


Overmolded, flexible single tube cannulas for precise placement of biomaterial.