Field of Application
The main applications for this system are the handling of two-component biomaterials such as tissue-adhesives, sealants and bone-cement pastes as well as materials for wound treatment.

MEDMIX offers a range of single-body double-syringes of different volumes and mixing ratios.

Syringe Volume (Total) Ratio
2.5 ml 1:1 / 4:1
5.0 ml 1:1 / 4:1
10.0 ml 1:1 / 4:1 / 10:1

Separated Outlets and Inlets

Completely separated syringe outlets and mixer inlets, adapted to the volumetric ratios, prevent cross-contamination and curing of the biomaterial in the patented outlet/inlet area. Attaching and re-attaching mixers or caps in the correct orientation is made easy with the patented unique coding concept and bayonet connection.

Double-Plunger and Pistons
Plunger and pistons are separate parts. This concept reliably avoids backflow of air or mixed material when pulling back the plunger. The single- piece double-plunger provides accurate simultaneous dispensing of the two components.

Mixers of various diameters and different numbers of mixing elements are available for the mixing of components with different viscosities and/or ratios. The static-mixing method ensures consistent mixing performance.

Spray Nozzles
For spray applications of tissue-adhesives and sealants, MEDMIX has developed low pressure air-assisted and unassisted spray nozzles. The design ensures an even spray pattern on a small spray field and a narrow droplet size distribution. The air-assisted spray nozzle incorporates a pressure-limiting valve.

Application Accessories
For precise placement of mixed biomaterial, especially under constrained space conditions, attachable tips such as spreaders, angled tips or cannulas are available.

For controlled application of high viscosity bio- materials, corresponding dispensers for the various syringe volumes and ratios are available.