Field of Application
The main applications for this system are the handling of two-component biomaterials such as tissue-adhesives and sealants as well as materials for wound treatment.

MEDMIX offers single-body double-syringes of different volumes and mixing ratios.

Syringe Volume (Total)*  Ratio *
2.5 ml 4:1
5.0 ml 10:1

* Other volumes or ratios will be available on request

Separated Outlets and Inlets
Completely separated syringe outlets, as well as mixer and spray nozzle inlets, prevent cross-contamination and curing of the biomaterial in the outlet/inlet area. With the patented unique MEDMIX coding concept and snap-on connection, attaching and rettaching mixers, spray nozzles or caps in the correct orientation is made easy.

Double-Syringe Filling Adapter
A filling adapter to be attached to the outlet end of the single-body double-syringe allows simultaneous filling of the syringe cylinders if not already pre-filled.

Safety Transfer Devices
MEDMIX offers a number of transfer devices to safely open and transfer liquids from ampoules or vials of different volumes to the double-syringe.

Mixers of various diameters and different numbers of mixing elements are available for the mixing of components with different viscosities and/or ratios. The static-mixing method ensures consistent mixing performance.

Spray Nozzles
For spray applications of tissue-adhesives and sealants, MEDMIX has developed low pressure air-assisted and unassisted spray nozzles. The design ensures an even spray pattern on a small spray field and a narrow droplet size distribution. The air-assisted spray nozzle incorporates a pressure-limiting valve.

Application Accessories
For precise placement of mixed biomaterial, especially under constrained space conditions, attachable tips such as spreaders, angled tips or cannulas are available.