Field of Application
The main application for this system is the preparation of bone-graft material.

Bone-Graft Syringe with Screw-On Cap
MEDMIX offers a range of single-chamber open-ended syringes, which allow pre-filling of bone-graft material. The second or third component (such as blood, plasma or bone-marrow) is transferred to the syringe by means of a safety transfer device or syringe.

Syringe Volume: 3 ml / 14 ml / 40 ml

Luer-Lock Cap and Connector
Caps and connectors are available for closing or connecting luer-lock syringes.

Safety Transfer Devices
MEDMIX offers a number of transfer devices to safely open and transfer liquids from ampoules or vials to the syringe.

Funnels in two sizes will be available on request for the convenient filling of the syringe with bone-graft material.