Field of Application
The main applications for this system are the preparation of bone-cements as well as pastes and gels.

Syringe with Mixing Device
MEDMIX offers a range of single-chamber syringes with mixing device, which allow the prefilled storage of one component. The second or third component is stored in ampoules or vials and is transferred to the syringe prior to the mixing operation. This integrated and userfriendly system allows for a simple mixing method with minimal risk of contamination.

Syringe Volume: 3 ml / 14 ml / 40 ml

Preparation and Mixing Operation
Component A, mainly a powder or paste, is pre-filled via the front end screw-on cap. This reduces preparation steps and avoids contamination. Component B, a liquid, is added from an ampoule, vial or syringe by aspiration or injection. The mixing operation is carried out by moving the mixing device back and forth while simultaneously rotating.

Luer-Lock Cap and Connector
Caps and connectors are available for closing or connecting luer-lock syringes.

Dispensing the Mixed Biomaterial
After attaching the plunger sleeve to the shaft of the mixing device, the system allows for easy and safe dispensing with minimal waste. The mixed biomaterial is applied via luer outlet or cannula.

Spindle Drive
For controlled dispensing of high viscosity bio- material, an attachable spindle drive is available.

Safety Transfer Devices
MEDMIX offers a number of transfer devices to safely open and transfer liquids from ampoules or vials to the syringe.